Christmas Preoccupation

Christmas Stress

Cultural Traditions or Cultural Conditioning?

A mass execution of a global software program; sure, some people don’t participate in any of the Christmas traditions and that should be even more cause for pause and thought.

My curiosity is with global hypnosis, mass hypnosis and population control, not with hypnotizing people to quit smoking, drinking, or to help them exercise more. Sure, you might learn a thing or two about those subjects through my curiosities but I think it’s insulting to pander to peoples’ symptoms for profit.

Interpersonal Communication

I can personally see the cause for our ails has its roots in hypnosis, but I think a large part of this relies on the way we were taught to communicate with ourselves, internally, neuro-linguistically so-to-speak.

With that being said, I think the root of humanities ails are much subtler and that we can use the tools associated with traditional hypnosis to challenge ourselves and to question the cultural traditions and societal programming we all grew up surrounded by.

Tradition of Lying?

Christmas is one of those western cultural traditions few can escape; is it harmful to lie about it?
We tell children all sorts of fantastic things about Christmas, it’s just harmless fun though, right?

I find questions like this typically lead to arguments about religion and what one should and shouldn’t worry or care about.
Perhaps our experience with being misled regarding Christmas is now interpreted as benign or unimpactful to our day-to-day lives; but we may begin to acknowledge how even those closest to us for whatever reason create elaborate mythos they themselves believe in merely for the sake of one day admitting the mythos is a fraud they perpetuated, a gift wrapping of perceptions shrouded on the otherwise stressful event we call the holidays.

So, what’s my point with all of these thoughts?

I am not entirely sure myself; the holidays are great after-all, aren’t they? Smiling children, presents and a general atmosphere of family and comradery no doubt incapable of happening without the mythos attached to it, or is it? Is it particularly necessary to base such a great thing on a lie, at such a young age?

Maybe it is, or maybe it’s completely unnecessary and we could avoid lying to those impressionable people we love the most and give them a start on life that isn’t based on being lied to seasonally for their apparent benefit, I find it funny how we reward them for believing a lie. Who really benefits from such a global wide-spread delusion?

I suppose the easy answer would be corporations, the economy etc. I could care less, I just wonder why humanity acts the way it does, the justifications it makes along the way to act against its own best interests, to lie to the most impressionable among us, for a tradition?

Where's the Creative Heart of Humanity?

Can’t we make our own traditions? Based on truth, communion and those things that we usually attribute to the traditions we were subjected to and reward our youth for something more noble than behaving for an entire year which loses its meaning the moment Christmas is over or until it gets close enough to Christmas again to threaten children with Santa screwing them over on Christmas day for their apparent behavior?

Even nonreligious people use these tactics of control, perhaps traditions and these cultural appropriations are akin to a virus, meant to spread by the sheer convenience of their power to control and influence.

This HAS to Be Confusing

Older children arguing with their younger siblings, family and friends about the legitimacy of particular parts of the mythos, only to be scolded by the parents (perpetuators) of this falsity while they reaffirm the lie with those who aren’t yet in the know, while the older siblings are told not to ruin the lie for those who don’t know yet, while at the same time being told not to lie, confusing stuff; I thought Santa wouldn’t bring presents to liars? Oh, the liars are the ones distributing the gifts?

Like I said, I’m interested in social conditioning and mass hypnosis, so Christmas is kind of a glaring example of how these ideas and concepts take hold and affect our human experience from a very young age.

I’m not being a “Grinch”, I love what humanity is capable of feeling and experiencing through traditions and culture; I just think we should question the mechanics of these things and evolve our understanding along with our understanding of neurochemistry and psychology and as we do that perhaps change our seasonal and perhaps even day-to-day behavior accordingly.